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At Amanda’s Designs we recognize that each woman is an individual with her own specific style and taste in jewelry. We make it our priority to sit up and take notice when our clients communicate their own particular needs and ideas. For this reason we pride ourselves on our custom-designed jewelry, tailor-made to bring each client pleasure and delight.

Have a look at our jewelry collection: Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces as well as the Bridal collection and the Israeli and African jewelry collections. If you see an item that you like then by all means go ahead and select it.  However, if you would prefer something a little different feel free to contact us and we'll work together to make you happy!

Adapt existing Jewelry designs

You may see an item of jewelry you like but wish that the jewelry design could be made in different colors. Write and let us know what your new outfit looks like and what color you are looking for. You’re very welcome to send us a photo of your outfit, so that we can work on a perfect match in color and proportion of the jewelry that you've selected.

Custom-adapt jewelry designs so that they work for you!, For example, you may see a necklace and think that it would make a great anklet, in which case the design can be custom adapted especially for you.



Dream up something totally new

Create an idea of your own or describe something you've seen and loved. Let's work together to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you. If you have a jewelry idea that doesn’t appear in this jewelry collection, then get in touch with us!
Let's create a completely new jewelry design especially for you!
Learn how Jennifer and I worked together to design the perfect bridal jewelry set for her big day.
(I’ll be asking you to have a look at the sizing chart so that we can be certain that your special item is a perfect fit).
Share your thoughts and ideas!
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